Warranty Request


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  Our Company policy regarding our Limited Warranty Requests effective 3-7-2022 and moving forward will be as indicated below.

  • Limited Warranty Requests:  Each homeowner is granted one ONLINE Limited Warranty Request at 11 months post-closing.  No other Warranty submissions will be addressed.
    • Upon receipt of the Warranty Request, the Builder will have 30 days to respond and schedule an appointment with the Homeowner for warrantable items only.  Items deemed to be homeowner maintenance will not be addressed.
    • If the Homeowner misses the scheduled appointment, the Homeowner accepts that the Warranty Request will be considered complete as is and the Builder will not return.

***See Limited Warranty link below for clarification on Homeowner Maintenance vs. Warrantable items.

  • Trade Contractors:  A list of Contractors for your home is included in the Homeowner Book you were given at your Final Walk Through.  Trade Contractors should be contacted during normal business hours for non-emergency items.
  • Emergency Service:  Homeowners should contact the appropriate Trade Contractor for emergency items and not Signature Companies.
    • For Example:
      • Contact HVAC Contractor – when heating drops below 50 degrees during extreme cold conditions.
      • Contact Electrician – total loss of electricity.  (Contact utility company first.)
      • Contact Plumber – Major plumbing leak that requires the entire water supply to be shut off.
      • Contact Plumber – Gas leak.  (Contact utility company first.)
    • Trade Contractors may charge a homeowner emergency rates for non-emergency calls.  Trade Contractors may charge a homeowner for items considered homeowner maintenance.

Before submitting a warranty request, view our LIMITED WARRANTY (SD) LIMITED WARRANTY (IA),  FAQ’SHOME CARE GUIDE, SEASONAL CHECKLIST as well as our TIPS & TRICKS, as this could very well save you time by answering your questions immediately and with an easy fix.

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