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Homeowner Association Requests

Thank you for your inquiry.  All HOA correspondence should be submitted via your AppFolio portal.  Please allow up to 10 business days for a response as some issues cannot be addressed immediately.  Should you need to activate your AppFolio portal, we will send a link to your email.

  • HOA management only oversees lawn care, snow removal, garbage service and monthly dues. 
  • Services are reviewed annually at the sole discretion of Signature Companies until the HOA is turned over to a Board when the development is completed. 
  • No adjustments to any HOA service will be made, nor will owners be able to opt out of their association while Developer is in control of the association. 
  • Any submitted complaints regarding the provided services will receive no response. 
  • All repairs are at the homeowner’s expense and will not be funneled through Signature Companies’ office. 
  • HOA management will not respond to domestic issues, property warrantable items, neighborhood noises (dogs) or other issues deemed non-serviceable.
  • The only emergency that should be reported immediately is if the community room has extensive damage and requires immediate attention (broken window, building is on fire/flooded, etc).


Before completing the form below, click here to view common questions regarding snow removal, lawn care, garbage, etc.

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