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Homeowner Association Requests

All HOA concerns or requests MUST BE submitted through this online form as none will be accepted by phone or email. If HOA management deems the request is serviceable, you’ll be contacted by email within 14 days (issues will NOT be addressed immediately). If you do not receive a response, the request was deemed not serviceable (for example, it was considered a general homeowner duty/responsibility). Incomplete forms will not be addressed. 

  • HOA management only oversees lawn care, snow removal, garbage service and monthly dues. 
  • Services are reviewed annually at the sole discretion of Signature Companies until the HOA is turned over to a Board when the development is completed. 
  • No adjustments to any HOA service will be made, nor will owners be able to opt out of their association while Developer is in control of the association. 
  • Any submitted complaints regarding the provided services will receive no response. 
  • All repairs are at the homeowner’s expense and will not be funneled through Signature Companies’ office. 
  • HOA management will not respond to domestic issues, property warrantable items, neighborhood noises (dogs) or other issues deemed non-serviceable.
  • The only emergency that should be reported immediately is if the community room has extensive damage and requires immediate attention (broken window, building is on fire/flooded, etc).


Before completing the form below, click here to view common questions regarding snow removal, lawn care, garbage, etc.

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