Interest-Bearing Notes

Earn Interest on Your Cash!

We are offering a unique opportunity to earn interest on your cash through these notes. Our offer is simple; let us utilize your cash and pay you annual interest! Also, your principal and interest will be backed by Signature Enterprises LLC. And to put any other hesitations you might have at ease, notes are also backed by a personal guarantee from the CEO of Signature Companies LLC. 

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NOTES overview

  • Guaranteed Interest
  • Short Term Commitment
  • Renewal Options for Notes
  • $50,000 Minimum
  • 12 or 24-month Terms Available

current Terms/Rates

12-Month Term = 3.75%*

24-Month Term = 4%*

*Rate subject to change. Interest to be paid annually after anniversary date. See Disclaimer Section.

Contact info

Zach Jacobsen, Finance Broker

This is not an investment or security. Note Holders will not receive any ownership or shares in any company/entity. Subject to termination fees if you elect to terminate agreement before the end of your term. Terms/Rates are subject to change based on prime rate, market conditions, company’s discretion, and/or any other outside factors. Once note is effective, rate will not change throughout the duration of your term, but renewal will be subject to potential rate adjustment and disclosed to Note Holders prior to renewal being effective.
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